Camping is about getting out into the wild, or at least it should be, camping should set you free but you may want some comfort while you are at it. You could trek but then if you want to camp you have to carry a lot with you and you are still limited on how far from the beaten path you can get.

With a Ute or other off road vehicle and an off road camper trailer though you can head out to anywhere you like and have a decent home away from home when you get there. This is a practical option if you have kids with you who like some comfort, or maybe it is a compromise with your partner. Either way you get the glory of being out in Australia’s beautiful hinterland while your family can enjoy comfort as well.

Off road trailers are designed to be small and light weight. They fold down to a size that you wouldn’t imagine much would fit into but when you arrive and unfold your tent you will be pleasantly surprised at just how much space you get. What you also get is a cooker and sink and a solid base to have at least one bed on.

With the six of these tents they are ideal for families with a few kids or for friends as well. A small trailer gives you a tent with three good sized room and so is ideal for two or three couples enjoying a holiday together.

An off road hitch lock and off road tires are important features for an off road trailer. A standard tow ball and coupling would easily detach on rocky and bumpy roads but the off road trailers you can buy are heavy-duty designs.

Once you find a place to camp you could set up as a base and leave the trailer before exploring the local area or with some camper trailer that can be setup in minutes you may want to just keep moving on and find a different place to camp each night meaning you get to see more on your camping trip.

With a caravan in contrast to an off road trailer you can only ever pull of the main thoroughfares and generally straight onto commercial pitches. If you prefer to pay nightly fees for a tiny plot surrounded by other caravans then that is fine but for a holiday that gives you freedom you need a trailer.

A holiday with a trailer is also very cheap, once you get out into the wild camp where you want as long as you are considerate and careful. This means no nightly fees and then there is the amount you spend on fuel. With a caravan the extra cost of towing it will easily add 50% or more on to your fuel bill. With a tiny trailer that creates no wind resistance behind your vehicle you will barely notice it.

Here I have collected few more ideas which shall be of your help.

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