How to build a Treehouse: When planning a Treehouse it is just like any other construction project, in as much as if you do not make the proper preparations then the project is doomed before it as even begun. If you couple this with the fact that a Treehouse is usually being considered with the kids in mind, it makes it even more essential that good Treehouse plans are followed if the project is to end well.

There are many things to consider when building a Treehouse and it may be surprising to learn that the size of the tree is not particularly important when it comes to the stability of the Treehouse itself. Of course it would be very desirable to have a lovely 250 year old Oak tree in the garden, however the fact is that a very good Treehouse can be built around a far more modest tree.

Treehouse Safety: Safety must play a major role in any good Treehouse design, and proper care must be taken to ensure that the structure is sound. For this reason good Treehouse plans must be followed as they will tell you exactly just what timbers to use in construction and will take into account the overall size of the tree around which the Treehouse is to built, along with such things as the capacity of the TreeHouse itself. Will this be a structure for children only, or will it be a ‘plaything’ or even an office for adults? There are many uses for which a Treehouse can be put to that intermingle business with pleasure, and indeed this seems to be a growing trend.

Consider the Treehouse position: It is of course very important to consider the positioning of the Treehouse, and things to take into consideration when building any structure. Some local authorities may insist on a planning application before you can start to build any such thing on your land. Things like neighbours have to be taken into consideration, as a Treehouse is likely to be higher than any boundary fences around your property. This can lead to conflict as it can encroach on your neighbours privacy – something that they are likely to take very seriously.

Make sure that the Treehouse is placed in a suitable position, or at least facing in the right direction to make the most of the good weather but be protected from the prevailing winds and storms. Usually you are restricted as to the actual location – it depends where your tree is – however hopefully you can face it the right way round. If the Treehouse is in an exposed location or it is a fairly weak tree, then extra support may have to be given it in the form of struts made with heavy timbers.

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